We at EHCM conduct the following activites

Day Care Centre

A day care center is working at Indira Nagar, Turbhe - New Bombay for the past 15 years. Basic education is imparted to the slum children and street children. Besides education, nourishing food is also provided to these children. The number of children has increased to 250 and is on the rise in the 2 days care centers.

Value based education is also imparted, on health, hygiene, civic and social awareness. Later they are recommemded to the local regular school through ECHM.

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Hostel for Boys & Girls

EHC Mission started hostel facilities for the orphans & children who come to us from the broken familites & single parents. At present we have two hostels. One is at Panvel and the other is in Latur district at her village.

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Free Medical Care

The co-operations of voluntary organizations, hospitals and especially the Municipal Hospital, Turbhe has joined hands with us in arranging seminars and health programmes for the slum dwellers. Free medical advice is imparted besides free medical treatment. They conduct medical camps for the T.B., Aids, Hepatitis-B, Typhoid, Malaria awareness as well as vaccination for the pulse-polio as these children are more prone to catch diseases from the surrounding areas are not hygienic and well maintained. Education on health and hygiene is a primary task bearing in mind the importance of Family Planning, Prevention of AIDS, mother and child health care.

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HIV, AIDS Seminars

EHCM is helping out the HIV & AIDS patients familites two times with the nutritious meals and common medicines to treat for the small sickness and paying their school going children's fees. Two seminars were taken, 150 people benefited.

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Aged Caring

The need for supporting the old and aged has been the need of the society. Their family member's desert old people and such people are supported financially in cash and kind. Unable to walk, so they are admitted in various old age homes.

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Community Development

EHCM stands with the community and its development in Navi Mumbai. Extreme difference is noticed between rich and poor. EHCM struggled for water facilites in the Turbhe slums. Today there are 10 drinking water lines for every 20 houses in groups. Health hygiene seminars are held for the women and children three times a year.

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Emergency Services

Relief and emergency services like medicine, packed food, cloths, blankets and vessels are provided in the disaster struck areas. A team of volunteers is assigned for this task such as earthquake, tsunami, cyclone etc.

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Women's Welfare

Twice in a week women attend the literacy classes in Day Care Centre after the children's educational programmes. All of the women now can read and write their names and numbers. They can sign on the paper. As they are learning they have been given counseling regularly on their families' difficult issues. Many of them have a pathetic background as well as daily trouble they face.

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Cultural / National Integration

EHCM celebrates cultural festivals, inter-religious dialogues and National unity & integrity programs without any change. At Pavel on 26th January 2012 Republic day was celebrated. Children and youth took part in dance. Special invitees spoke few words on that day in the presence of PSI - Mr. Rajesh Devre, Mumbai. Recently shifted to Vashi police station.

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Destitues and Old Age

The bitter truth of the society are the rejected and sometimes discarded parents. Sick and old, they finally become friends of the pavement. In the sight of a normal person 'Hey, there is a destitute.'

It is a tough task that EHCM's team faces. Picking up the destitutes and admitting them at the respective places. Yes, this is good. But the care, loving hands, and spending time, listening to their grievances will enable them to open their hearts to speak and share. A teenaged, destitute girl was raped and left on the road. She tried to commit suicide and was then called a 'a mad girl'. Her heart cried out, "Who will hear me?" EHCM was informed by concerned. The EHCM's team rushed to the spot and picked her up with love and care. Then she opened up with tears and shared all that had happened to her.

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