Community Development

Project: HER Village, Latur

Her is the name of the village in Latur, Maharashtra. After seeing the condition of the villagers, EHCM bought a small of land in 2003 and constructed a community development centre. Mainly for poor formers, labourers children's are benefited by the educational programs.

Since last two decades EHCM is working in this remote area. Our main work is for the community development project as well as the education centre. We have more than 80 farmer's children apart from this we cannot take more children. Pastor & his family along with other staff are looking after the Her Project. Thrice in a year all the religious leaders gather there and share their experience of their work.

Approximately 150 children attend Sunday school in different villages.

EHCM sewing classes are being conducted for the school drop girls. After successfully completing their course, a certificate is issued to each of them with a gift of 1 sewing machine.

The nearby poor villagers are also involved in animal husbandry project run by EHCM, which helps them to earn their livelihood.

Advanced Leadership Training is conducted twice in a year at HER Village, Dist. Latur.