The burden for the orphans sick, suffering and destitute brethren inculcated and ardent desire for services. Through love and sacrifice as depicted through the example of Mother Teresa & Padmabhushan Baba Amte. With the ultimate motive of saving these dear ones and leading them to green pastures. Eternal Hope Charity Mission (EHCM) an inter-denominational Humanitarian organisation sprung up in Nerul, Navi Mumbai with the pioneering efforts of Rev. P. K. Joshua in the year 1992.

Catering to all sections of society without any distinction of caste, creed of religion. EHCM is registered under the BPT Act 1950, Reg. No. E-1360, promoted in the year 1993. Also Registered with Government of India Ministry of Home Affairs to receive the foreign Contribution. FCRA Donation to the EHCM exempted from Income Tax under section 80 G. It is governed by its Board of trustees.

In the year 2002 EHCM bagged the State Government's prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Award, for its meritorious service rendered to the destitute and underprivileged.